My wife and I have known Leslie and her family for almost 5 years, and in that time we have developed a great relationship. Even before she got into fitness we were telling her that she should start a YouTube channel where she could talk about her transition from her career to being a new mother and housewife.

Before By window with Kids

You see, Leslie has a captivating personality and a great sense of humor. On top of that, her first child (almost 5) is extremely intelligent and advanced and was a very entertaining infant and toddler. We knew that they would be a hit on camera, and occasional visits on camera by her husband (who is also funny with a great personality) would add more spice to her “show”.

She has since had 2 more girls for a total of 3 in 4 years! This has not only taken a toll on her body – I think she’s spent more time pregnant than not from 2010-2014 – but her free time (I know she’s laughing while reading that) is pretty much non-existent.

Leslie and Family

Why should you care about any of this? Because, after gaining weight and becoming less active with each pregnancy, Leslie found herself frustrated with the way that she looked and felt. Instead of simply sitting around and whining about not having the time or energy, she decided to take her health and fitness into her own hands!

As I said in the title, she has lost 50lbs and has fallen in love with fitness. It’s really motivating to see how much joy she has in taking care of her health and also providing a great example for her girls!

Before After - Kids & Skirt

I’m going to shut up now and let Leslie introduce herself to you through this video:

Leslie has agreed to chronicle her fitness journey with the Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet readers and viewers, which means that you’re going to see her in posts, social media updates, and videos across our brand. So even though we never got her to share her life as a mother with the world, at least we can watch as she becomes healthier and more active. Who knows, maybe we’ll get some cameos from her husband and children. 😉


I recently had the pleasure of trying out Nutrition 53’s Protein powders. They sent over a bunch of sample flavors to try out, in both their Lean1 and Vegan1 lines. As always, the fact that I received these items for free does not interfere with my ability to provide an honest review of the Nutrition 53 Vegan protein powder or their Lean1 counterpart.

Back when we did the CLEAN Program elimination diet, we tried various kinds of non-dairy protein – pea, rice, and hemp come to mind – and each one had an odd flavor and taste that we had to get used to. So, I was expecting the same thing with the Nutrition 53 vegan protein powder.

The things that matter most to me in regards to protein powder are taste, texture, the macros, and how well/long it keeps me satiated – I will review the Nutrition 53 Vegan1 and Lean1 protein powders in each of those categories.

Nutrition 53 Vegan Protein Powder

Nutrition 53 Vegan Protein Powder: Taste

I tried several different flavors and each one was pretty good. The chocolate was my favorite and I would put it up against any protein powder that I have tried. The only difference I noticed between the Lean1 and Vegan1 was that the Vegan version had a lighter taste than the Lean.

I would definitely recommend both of these on the basis of taste. However, let’s see if it does this well in the other categories.

Nutrition 53 Lean1 Protein Powder: Texture

The biggest problem with the alternative protein powders that we tried during that elimination diet (pea and rice in particular) was the texture. They were chalky, gritty, and didn’t mix well – even when they were blended in our NutriBullet!

However, that wasn’t the case with Nutrition 53 Vegan protein powder. It mixes perfectly in water by using a simple blender bottle and doesn’t leave any clumps behind. Even if you put the powder in first and then add water, the powder doesn’t stick to the bottom of the bottle (a common problem with protein powder)!

After it’s mixed, the liquid is smooth and goes down easily. I’ve had cases with some powders where I felt like I was chewing the water – this was definitely not the case with Nutrition 53!

Nutrition 53 Protein Powder: Macros

The macros on both versions were very good considering the great taste – I expected a little sugar and was surprised to find there was less than I anticipated.

Here are the Macros on the Vegan1 “Chocolate” Flavor:

Fat – 5g, Carbs – 15g (Fiber 5g, Sugars 6g), Protein 20g, Calories 170 – you can find the other nutritional information in the picture above (click to enlarge). You can definitely find better macros from pea and rice protein, but you lose out on taste so you have to consider the trade-off.

Here are the Macros on the Lean1 “Cookies & Cream” Flavor:

Fat – 5g, Carbs – 10g (Fiber 5g, Sugars 2g), Protein 30g, Calories 220 – as you can see, the macros are even better on the Lean1 products! 10g of carbs is normally a little high when I look for a protein mix, but considering that this contains 5g of fiber and only 2g of sugar, that doesn’t bother me. Especially when I go back to the excellent taste!

Here are the other details (click to enlarge)…

Nutrition 53 Lean1 Protein Powder

Nutrition 53 Protein Powder: Satiation

The most surprising thing about Nutrition 53 protein powder is the fact that it kept me satiated for hours! I would have a drink around noon and not have the urge to eat anything until 7 or 8pm. This happened with both the Lean1 and Vegan1 versions. I did this daily for about 2 weeks and noticed the same thing every time. In fact, I took a huge protein bar with me as a snack just in case I got hungry and it sat on my desk the entire time – I had no desire to eat anything!

I can’t recall another product causing that sensation. My wife tried one yesterday and noticed the same thing – she was satiated for hours!

Overall Impression

I guess you can tell that I was extremely impressed by the Nutrition 53 brand. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get in more protein in their diet without adding much volume. I haven’t tried it to make other items like pancakes, ice cream, cookies, or other popular protein recipes, but since it has such great texture and taste I can’t imagine it not turning out well.

If you have been looking for a good vegan protein powder that actually tastes, smells, and mixes well, then you’ve found it!


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