We were recently invited to review a variety of Kay’s Naturals products. We received a number of 1.2 oz bags that each noted 12g of protein and 4g of fiber. Aside from these numbers, the other macronutrients varied only slightly.

Since we received quite a number of bags, with different qualities, it is easiest to separate them into categories to discuss them further.

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1. Kay’s Naturals Protein Chips

Kays Naturals Protein Chips

Flavors: Crispy Lemon Herb, Crispy Parmesan, Chili Nacho Cheese

Taste: On all the chips, the flavor is strong (YES!!!!). I enjoyed the Parmesan the most, followed by the Chili Nacho Cheese. I honestly didn’t like the Lemon Herb flavor, but that’s just my preference, not a knock to the product – I don’t really like lemon-flavored foods.

Texture: With protein chips, I had the expectation that the texture would be more harsh than a potato or tortilla chip. These were definitely more dense, a bit harder to bite into, and very crunchy. That being said, this wasn’t unpleasant, and certainly once you wrap your mind around the fact that you’re not biting into¬† a tortilla chip.

Overall Thoughts: Although I wish the texture was a little lighter, I enjoyed the strong flavor and could see purchasing these.


2. Kay’s Naturals Protein Puffs


Flavors: Mac and Cheese, Veggie Pizza, Almond

Taste: The flavor of the puffs were light, too light on the mac and cheese. The almond puffs were my favorite because it added a nice sweetness without any guilt. The veggie pizza puffs were my least favorite because the herbal flavor was weak and it left a bit of an aftertaste.

Texture: I really liked the texture of the puffs. The little balls were a lot more light and airy than the protein chips, and were a lot quicker to disappear as a result.

Overall Thoughts: I could definitely see grabbing these for a snack, especially those almond ones to satisfy a sweet tooth!


3. Kay’s Naturals Protein Pretzel Sticks

Kays Naturals Protein Pretzel Sticks

Flavors: Jalapeno Honey Mustard, Cinnamon Toast

Taste: Both of these have a strong flavor and were really enjoyable. The cinnamon toast is Fat Guy’s overall favorite!

Texture: Though the texture isn’t the same as a regular pretzel, it is very good. These have less of a ‘doughy’ feel once you bite into them, but it is not unpleasant, and they still had the satiation one would expect from eating pretzel sticks.

Overall Thoughts: With the strong flavor and pleasing texture, these make a tasty and satisfying snack.


4. Kay’s Naturals Protein Cereals

Kays Naturals Protein Cereal

Flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Honey Vanilla, Honey Almond

Taste: These cereals are not strong, but they carry a good amount of flavor. I noticed I got more flavor in milk than when I just grabbed a few ‘o’s out of the bag. I liked all the flavors equally, and they were all pleasing to the palate.

Texture: These ‘o’s were extremely similar in texture their name brand counterparts. That was a pleasant surprise. Also, the cereal didn’t get soggy in milk.

Overall Thoughts: I enjoyed each flavor of the cereal and would have no hesitation in purchasing again.

Here is our video review of all the Kay’s Naturals products (remember to click through to the site if you are reading via email):

I am glad we got the opportunity to review such a variety of the Kay’s Naturals products as it gave us a real chance to see if there is a consistency in a variety of their products. We are happy that we enjoyed their products so much and could share our experience with you.

One of the things we have struggled with in our attempts at eating healthy is finding quality snacks to fit into our diet. Usually, healthy choices are limited and when we do find them, they are outside of our budget. Compared to other healthy snack items, Kay’s Naturals are more reasonably priced.

For example, right now they are offering 2 different sample packs (6 bags) for $7.50. At $1.25/bag, it is less than the unhealthy option we would grab at the local convenience store.

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