Yes, you read that correctly! I recently earned money simply by working toward a long-term health goal. In fact, it only took a month to double my money, simply by losing weight!

How I Reached My Goals With A Simple Bet

Money Food

I am referring to a “diet bet”. This is where you “buy in” to a game with a group of people, and then you all try to reach the same weight loss goal. The basic (and original) goal is to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks. That’s not as hard as it sounds…if you are 300lbs, you only have to lose 12lbs in that period (something that is safe and doable at that size). If you are 250lbs, then your goal is to be 240 once the 4 weeks is up.

The person who set up the bet chooses how much money each person has to put in. After the bet is over, everyone who met the goal splits the pot and those who didn’t, get nothing. So this is definitely a challenge where it is all up to you. You don’t have to worry about anyone “cheating” or going up against someone who is doing amazing on their weight loss journey; If you hit your 4% goal, you win, no matter what anyone else does.

I love this format because it helps to develop a level of teamwork and encouragement, while still setting it up as a competition. Everyone was encouraging each other and trying to offer ideas and motivation throughout the challenge!

The Results Of Our Diet Bet

For the bet that I set up through the Renew Show (here is a link to the final bet results), the buy in was $25. There were 40 people who entered, making the pot $1,000! There were 15 of us who hit our goals, 24 who fell short, and 1 who dropped out. From this, the 15 winners were able to each take home $50!

All I had to do was work toward my goal and I was able to double my money in 28 days! This is actually a great investment because it gives you more incentive/motivation to develop and/or continue healthy habits, while giving you a chance to earn money in the process.

You are able to be in 3 bets at once, so if everything turned out the same in each one, I could have turned $75 into $150! This was the 3rd time that I have done something like this, and I definitely think it is a great way to add some excitement and accountability to a long-term weight loss journey, especially when done back to back (which I have yet to do).

If you have any questions about how the diet bet works, or if you think you will want to join one in the near future, leave a comment below.


We finished the CLEAN Program Elimination Diet review on our YouTube channel a little while ago, so I wanted to use this opportunity to share our final thoughts about the program. When we finished the second phase (the full elimination period), we made the mistake of calling it the “hardest part”. After completing the entire program, we now know that we were wrong!

CLEAN Program Elimination Diet Review

Clean Program Elimination Diet Alejandro Junger Review

Phase 1: The CLEAN Program Elimination Diet

As I said above, the elimination period was definitely not the hardest part of doing this diet. It was actually the reintroduction phase that was most difficult for us. Once we established in our minds that we couldn’t have certain foods, it wasn’t too difficult to go without them. The hardest part was trying to hit my protein goal each day, without having diary or beef.

During the 24 days of the elimination, neither of us were tempted to go off of the plan, because it was set in our minds that we couldn’t have those things. Also, because of the importance of doing this test, we weren’t going to let ourselves get distracted by the anticipated taste of a restricted food.

Here is a video that we made with our review of  the clean program elimination diet:

Phase 2: The CLEAN Program Reintroduction Phase

This was definitely the hardest part of the program, because having the restricted items back on a limited basis was actually worse than not having them at all! Being able to eat gluten, eggs, or dairy for 2 days and then having to remove them again for a few weeks was torture.

Anyway, here is the video we made reviewing the CLEAN Program Reintroduction Phase:

Final Review Of The CLEAN Program Elimination Diet

Overall, we thought the initial phases of the program were well thought-out and easy to follow. Avoiding the restricted foods was not as bad as we expected, and there are many places where you can see shopping lists, grocery hauls, and even meals that you can make on the program (including the Playlist linked below).

As we stated in the video, we wish there was a lot more structure to the reintroduction phase. Referencing the book, website, and even forums all yielded little to no guidance, and when something was written, it was vague.

With that said, I would still recommend this program to anyone looking to test themselves for food sensitivities or allergies, or even someone who wants to take a step in breaking a cycle of food addiction.


If you have any questions about the program in general or how we managed certain things specifically, you can look at the CLEAN Program Elimination Diet playlist (it contains meals, grocery hauls, and our daily thoughts) on our YouTube weight loss channel (it also should be embedded below), or you can just leave your question in the comments section.


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