The new year might bring some resolutions for your small business like being more efficient, being more organized, or focusing more on customer service.

One thing it’ll definitely bring is your yearly audit. Whether you’re a small startup or a proven business with several million dollars in revenue each year, you need to be ready for your audit and that means making sure you have your documents in order that correspond with your financials.

Luckily, there are several apps on the market that make organizing these documents painless. And with recent advances in accounting software, many of these apps now sync up with software like Xero for easier access.

Here is a quick roundup of those document apps.


Diga gives you the opportunity to access all your client data via Excel. It uses prebuilt excel templates and can run reports across several applications, including your accounting software.

All of your client data is then available via Excel (and in your accounting software) and you get access to a dashboard that gives you a snapshot of your documents.

In addition to software like Xero, Diga also integrates with KashFlow, FreeAgent, Receipt Bank and Sage One.


Do you ever find yourself attaching documents like invoices to your accounting software and then making an extra copy in a Dropbox or iCloud account? It’s always a great idea to have backups, but it’s a pain in the neck to constantly copy and paste it to all these different sources.

Boxkite is the missing link between your accounting software and services like Dropbox. Once everything is synced up, Boxkite automatically moves all Xero documents to a Dropbox. It does these backups every hour — or quicker, depending on the size of your business.

Having everything backed up is a huge help.

Evernote by Zapier

This partnership between the ultimate note-taking app Evernote and Zapier allows you to create invoices and other documents in Evernote and have them link to your accounting software.

The technology is really flexible. You can also create invoices in Xero and have them backup to Evernote and vice-versa. All notes can be tagged for easy organizing.

Zapier also does the same thing with Google Docs, for those people who love Google’s ecosystem.


Nine years ago today (actually about 4 hours away as I write this), my wife and I decided to commit to each other in marriage. It was amazing to experience the truth that “they shall become one flesh” (Gen. 2:24)! As I have done in previous years (yes, I expect you to read/watch all 5 of the posts!!!), I wanted to share a little bit about the last year of our marriage with you.

This past year has probably been the most tumultuous year of our marriage. We have faced many challenges through our health, church, family, and friends – having our own difficulties is one thing, but having to walk and pray with our loved ones through hard times can sometimes be more stressful. Whether it was our own injuries and illnesses that we were dealing with or standing by our friends and family through death, divorce, layoffs, and various sin issues, this year has definitely been an exhausting one.

Khaleef & Sherrian Wedding Cheek Kiss

However, though the grace of God, we have been able to not only endure but to have an even stronger commitment to love each other than ever before! We have witnessed first-hand why God calls marriage the grace of life (1 Peter 3:7).

As of today, I feel closer to my wife than at any point in our marriage. Lately, we have been praying together daily and we are constantly discussing theological concepts! It really feels like we are a team in many ways, and with a renewed focus on our business, I think this is going to continue.

Every day that we get to spend together is a blessing and we try very hard to make ministering to each other our top priority. We know that it’s only the grace of God that allows us to get along so well and to be so united in every area.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if we just sit around looking up into the sky waiting for God to bless us with a great marriage! We understand that it takes hard work, compromise, constant communication, and a strong (and growing) commitment to God and each other in order to make our marriage grow. However, if those things aren’t energized by the Spirit of God, then there is no guarantee that our marriage will be a blessing to us and others.

I love my wife dearly, and the more time I spend around other couples or even hear about things happening in other marriages, it makes me more and more thankful for what God has blessed and preserved. It takes a special dose of grace to get someone to put up with me and God has blessed me with a woman who has the right amount!



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