I was recently introduced to Luke Ericson. This is a man who does all kinds of athletic events and challenges while having only one arm! No, I don’t mean that he challenged himself to only use one of his two arms, or that he was injured and only had 50% usage of his arm for the competition; I mean this man only has one arm, but is doing more than most people in the world to stay fit!

Here he is doing his One-Arm Playground Workout (click through to the website to see the video if you are reading via email):

And here he is doing squats!

Like I said, this guy does more to stay fit than most of us who have the great blessing of working limbs and joints! After watching Luke Ericson take charge of his health in the face of real odds, I’m motivated to do the same and stop letting the failures of my testosterone replacement therapy and other injuries stop me from hitting my goals.

What about you? What things are you allowing to hold you back from what you can truly accomplish? Are you ready to overcome those obstacles?


I started a tradition over at my other site (where I talk about the bible and money), where I would post a devotional thought on most Sundays. I then continued that practice on Fat Guy Skinny Wallet, and I hope to keep posting devotion messages here.

They will either be based on my own personal study, or from another source.

Today we are reminded of the importance of putting sin to death immediately, by Charles Spurgeon (courtesy of Grace Gems):

Serpent Egg

(Charles Spurgeon, “Flowers from a Puritan’s Garden” 1883) 

“It is easier to crush the egg–than to kill the serpent!”

It is prudent to break up all the eggs we can find, before the reptiles are hatched!

Just so, far greater wisdom will be shown in early dealing with a temptation, than in allowing it time to make headway. It is best to correct ourselves early and unhesitatingly to stamp out the first sparks of evil desire, before passion rises to a flame! 

A child can crush a serpent’s egg–but who will contend with the venomous creature which may be hatched from it, if it is left unbroken? 

So is it with that vice which stings like a viper! The first glass can readily be refused; it is quite another matter to stop when the wine has entered the brain. The first lust we may readily avoid; but when unchaste desires are fully aroused, who shall bridle them?

O Lord, teach me to crush sin early, lest it should gather strength and crush me!

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