We finished the CLEAN Program Elimination Diet review on our YouTube channel a little while ago, so I wanted to use this opportunity to share our final thoughts about the program. When we finished the second phase (the full elimination period), we made the mistake of calling it the “hardest part”. After completing the entire program, we now know that we were wrong!

CLEAN Program Elimination Diet Review

Clean Program Elimination Diet Alejandro Junger Review

Phase 1: The CLEAN Program Elimination Diet

As I said above, the elimination period was definitely not the hardest part of doing this diet. It was actually the reintroduction phase that was most difficult for us. Once we established in our minds that we couldn’t have certain foods, it wasn’t too difficult to go without them. The hardest part was trying to hit my protein goal each day, without having diary or beef.

During the 24 days of the elimination, neither of us were tempted to go off of the plan, because it was set in our minds that we couldn’t have those things. Also, because of the importance of doing this test, we weren’t going to let ourselves get distracted by the anticipated taste of a restricted food.

Here is a video that we made with our review of  the clean program elimination diet:

Phase 2: The CLEAN Program Reintroduction Phase

This was definitely the hardest part of the program, because having the restricted items back on a limited basis was actually worse than not having them at all! Being able to eat gluten, eggs, or dairy for 2 days and then having to remove them again for a few weeks was torture.

Anyway, here is the video we made reviewing the CLEAN Program Reintroduction Phase:

Final Review Of The CLEAN Program Elimination Diet

Overall, we thought the initial phases of the program were well thought-out and easy to follow. Avoiding the restricted foods was not as bad as we expected, and there are many places where you can see shopping lists, grocery hauls, and even meals that you can make on the program (including the Playlist linked below).

As we stated in the video, we wish there was a lot more structure to the reintroduction phase. Referencing the book, website, and even forums all yielded little to no guidance, and when something was written, it was vague.

With that said, I would still recommend this program to anyone looking to test themselves for food sensitivities or allergies, or even someone who wants to take a step in breaking a cycle of food addiction.


If you have any questions about the program in general or how we managed certain things specifically, you can look at the CLEAN Program Elimination Diet playlist (it contains meals, grocery hauls, and our daily thoughts) on our YouTube weight loss channel (it also should be embedded below), or you can just leave your question in the comments section.


[The following is a contributed post giving four ways to become healthy without spending a fortune...]

Who said it was impossible to be fit and frugal at the same time? It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but there are definitely plenty of ways to keep your wallet fat and your body trim.

The path to fitness lies in small, seemingly mundane parts of our everyday lives. But once you set your mind on a healthier you, the pieces will fall into place. Try these four tricks to getting healthy on a budget.

Cancel Your Gym Membership

Weight Lifting Spaceship

Think of the most powerful animal you can possibly imagine. Maybe a moose, shark, puma or bear? Now, do you think any of those animals go to a gym? Nope. You can lose weight and build muscle without all the nonsense of confusing machines and monthly fees, so just cancel your gym membership.

Working out using only your body as resistance is one of the most efficient ways to work out. Plus it’s a lot less time-consuming than actually going to a gym, finding parking, getting a locker, and so on.

Always Go with H2O

If you really want to get healthy on a budget, make sure water is the only thing you drink. It has zero calories, zero additives, zero carbs and zero anything that’s bad for you. And if you’re drinking less than 1.9 liters a day, chances are you’re not getting enough of it.

Water is essential to maintaining virtually every part of your body, so don’t skimp on it! It’s way cheaper than soda and sugary drinks, too. Just carry some sort of container with you and fill up for free at any sink or water fountain you find.

Buy Healthy in Bulk

Everybody has to eat — even you. Instead of eating out all the time, plan your meals in advance and organize your trips to the grocery store. You might shop around for food every couple of weeks or so, but try buying enough to last you for an entire month. Food bought in bulk is generally much cheaper than buying small units, so you’ll be able to save tons of money.

Plus you’ll also bulk up and get in shape by heaving around huge boxes and groceries. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Start a Garden

Forget the last tip; instead of buying food, why don’t you just grow it yourself? Start a garden on your apartment balcony, your backyard, or in some community space. Not only will you save tons by not buying food, but you’ll burn lots of calories as well!

If you want to know the best plants to grow for your pantry, consult someone with a nursing degree — they’ll be able to help you figure out your nutritional needs and other life adjustments. You can even earn some money on the side selling the fruits of your labor to your friends and family.

There are plenty of ways to keep your body and your bank account healthy — just get creative!

Image via Flickr by W_Minshull

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