I’ve been writing about my tight back for the last 6 weeks or so. It has stopped me from being able to do any powerlifting for over a month, and has been so severe at times that it has affected something as simple as getting dressed. So I decided to go and see a chiropractor to see if he could help me to find relief.

There was a lot that happened during my hour or so in the chiropractor’s office, so rather than write an essay about my experience, I recorded this video which ended up being sort of a rant (email readers: click on the link or on the picture below in order to watch the video):

Since the time that I recorded the video, Sherrian and I have talked about our experiences (she saw him at the same time that I did) and have decided not to go to our follow up appointment with him. I will let you know when we find another doctor.


This is my confession. Well not THE confession, but one of many.

I have been putting off writing about this because, honestly, I am still angry. I am angry at myself, and then that is followed up by some shame, and sadness. A lot of sadness. I wanted to share this now because I have been holding on to the evidence of my failure for a while, and it’s time to purge.

A couple years ago, Khaleef was sweet enough to buy me a gift. If you know us, we are not big on gift-giving with each other, but I do get surprised once in a while :-D . At the time, I was in the middle of a hard time health-wise. So, my sweet husband gave me a gift card for a wonderful spa day!

Gift Bag

I hope some of you can understand my thinking at the time… I felt awful and overweight and figured that I would use it once I got on my feet and could get back in shape. At least, I wanted to be on my way so I could get a massage to help my sore muscles ( :roll:  don’t mock the inner workings of my mind).

Well, I never arose to some ‘level’ where I felt better about going, but I knew I had to use it within a year and so I called towards the end of that time because I didn’t want to waste the gift. Did I mention how expensive it was?

Spa Pricing

That’s right, my honey didn’t go for the cheap stuff! $315!!!!

So I call up the salon to make sure I was within the time frame, even if I had to schedule the appointment a little after the deadline. I was getting my pathetic, sweet voice ready for schmoozing when instead of a dial tone, I got a message saying the number was disconnected!

I was ready to cry. Thankfully, the business had more than one location, so I figured I would drive a little further to the other, as long as I didn’t waste the gift.

I called the other number, and someone answered! I reached a spa… just not the spa I had the gift card to. It turns out they purchased from the former place and there is no connection so my gift card was worthless.

I can’t express how horrible I felt. I felt so dumb, putting off the appointment for such a silly reason. I felt terrible, knowing how thoughtful, timely, and expensive the gift was, and that I never really “received” it so I could show my appreciation. I know Khaleef wanted to see me relaxed and pampered.

I learned my lesson. A $315 lesson. I will not put off until tomorrow things of value that I should appreciate today. Most of all, I see how my mindset really got in my own way.

Have you ever had an experience like this when you had to learn a hard lesson?




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