100 Push Ups – I’ve Been Challenged To A Duel

by Khaleef "Fat Guy" Crumbley on September 26, 2011

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Simpsons Duel - Glove Slap

It looks like I’ll have a lot of push ups in my future! I’m sure that many of you remember when someone from my church suggested that Fat Guy should start running! If you read that article, you will remember that a [crazy] runner from my church suggested that I run with her in order to meet my weight-loss goals. Well, because I am too fat to run, I decided to walk and jog instead – even though I still get itchy legs when walking.

Well, the same runner (I’ll remove the “crazy” description, even though she can run over 50 miles) just challenged me today. Fortunately, she isn’t challenging me to a race or anything like that – but I still think I’m the underdog here.

The Push Ups Challenge

The challenge is to see which one of us will be the first to do 100 push ups in a row. I definitely see myself as the underdog here, since I weigh 3 times as much as she does, and she has guns that remind me of Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 (ok, they aren’t that intense, but close) 8-O !

Linda Hamilton Terminator 2

We both are extremely competitive and it seems like we both love to be the underdog. She claims that I have an advantage because I have more/larger muscles than she does. Since push ups are mainly about strength and form, she feels that I am better suited to win the challenge. Of course, she is just saying this in order to provide a little extra motivation for herself.

Here is my argument – I’m much heavier than she is, so even though my muscles are larger, the fat on top of those muscles will make it much harder to do a lot of push ups consecutively. She has a lot of things going for her: A tight, compact frame, a strong upper body, and great stamina. Imagine how hard my muscles will have to work in order to push 275 lbs up 100 times!!! She just had a baby, so I get a little bit of a head start – I know I’ll need it!

I had planned to do push ups every day even before she issued this challenge, but having a “nemesis” will definitely help to keep me on track!

The Stakes Of The Push Ups Challenge

If she is the first one to be able to do 100 push ups in a row, then I will have to run in a 10k race with her 8-O !!! I’m sure that she’ll help me to train for the race, and not just throw me out there, but still…we’re back to the problem of Fat Guy running. She knows that I detest the idea of running, which is why she didn’t hold back when it came to picking my punishment the terms of the challenge.

We didn’t finalize what will happen once I win the challenge, but she made a great suggestion. She is a CPA (which is one of my goals), so she offered to help me out with some aspects of my business if she loses. I really like this idea because I need more of a professional support system – people who have done some of the things that I hope to do. Also, this may include having her write a couple of things for me – who knows.

Fat Guy’s Challenges

This will be the third challenge that I have faced since I started this site. The first was the Yakezie challenge – which I beat back in early Spring. This was specific to running the blog and meeting certain requirements (including having a low Alexa rank).

The second challenge was known as the First Fat Guy Challenge (I know, I know, I’m terrible with names), where I had to lose 15 lbs in a month. I ended up losing 16lbs and beating the challenge.

This push ups challenge will be the first one involving another person. I am competing head-to-head with someone who is very athletic and extremely competitive. This should be fun!

I plan to keep all of you updated with how many total push ups I do each day, and also, how many I am able to do consecutively. I am going to ask that my frenemy do the same. This will officially begin next Monday, so we have a week to work out how we will update everyone.

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