The Size Of Airline Seats: Another Reason To Hate Being A Fat Guy!

by Khaleef "Fat Guy" Crumbley on October 5, 2011

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Fat Guy in Airplane Seat

Many of you know that I flew to Chicago recently to attend the first annual Financial Blogger Conference. Although I had a wonderful time once I got there, the flight was anything but enjoyable because of the size of airline seats!

The Size of Airline Seats

I’m a fat guy, and it’s apparent that those airline seats weren’t made for someone of my “carriage”! I’ve been on enough flights to realize that I was so uncomfortable on the plane because of how fat I am! I booked a window seat as I always do – not realizing what I was in for!

My seat was actually in between two windows, which meant that the wall jutted out right at the point where my shoulder and arm lined up. Because I was pinned up against the wall, my arm fell asleep a few times during the flight. It was at that point that those first class seats started looking pretty good (I wanted to upgrade for the flight back) – but I soon snapped back into reality and starting thinking about the fact that we have to pay off debt, and decided to suffer with the size of airline seats.

The next time that I “felt” my fat was on the way to the Love Drop community service event. Because we (my wife traveled to Chicago with me) went out to lunch with Glen from Free From Broke and Tom from Canadian Finance Blog, all the seats were taken up on the bus. Fortunately, Roger Wohlner, who lives in Chicago, offered to drive us to the event. What that meant for me was squeezing into the back seat with two other people.

Here is a video highlighting the work that we did in conjunction with Love Drop (leave a comment below if you think you found me on the video):

Three normal size humans can fit into the back of an SUV just fine; but replace one of those humans with a walrus, and you’re looking for trouble! For the entire ride over there I was afraid that the door wasn’t completely closed, and that I would suddenly start rolling down some highway in Shaumburg! Of course, I could have just filed a fast food lawsuit if that would have happened!

We got a few t-shirts at the conference, but I didn’t bother to try them on. I think we all know what would happen if I did. Maybe I’ll put one on and take a picture for the website ;-)!

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