CLEAN Program Elimination Diet – Dairy Reintroduction

by Khaleef "Fat Guy" Crumbley on June 10, 2014

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As I wrote the other day, we have finished the 2nd phase of the CLEAN program elimination diet! The next phase involves reintroducing many of the “forbidden” foods/food groups into our diet over a 2-day period, and then going back to the full elimination for 2 days and noting how our bodies react to having dairy again.

Because it covers such a broad category, and it includes some of our favorite foods, we decided to add dairy back into our diet first.

CLEAN Program Elimination Diet – Dairy Reintroduction

Clean Program Elimination Diet - Dairy

We purchased cheddar cheese, milk, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and a few other things so we could incorporate dairy back into our diets again. I already know that my body doesn’t have a problem with dairy, but I wanted to follow the program exactly as outlined.

Unfortunately, I got extremely sick after adding in dairy, but I think it was either due to a stomach virus, or a bad pineapple that I ate on the second night. I was so sick that over the next 2 days I was only able to eat 300 calories of rice and I lost 4lbs!

Here is the video account of me reintroducing dairy back into my diet (if you are reading via email, click the link to be taken directly to the video):

Since I got sick directly after adding in dairy, I had to reintroduce it into my diet once again after everything else was done. As I expected, my body was perfectly fine with it, and I confirmed that the previous sickness was due to something other than the dairy.

Here is the video account of my dairy re-reintroduction:

I will be writing about how my body felt after reintroducing gluten, nightshades, and eggs in the next few days, and then talking about our experience with this elimination diet as a whole.

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