Trying Out A Few Healthy Rice Recipes For The Holidays

by Mrs. Fat Guy on November 14, 2012

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It’s Thanksgiving time again, and I am looking forward to spending time with family, laughing, taking a ton of pictures, and reminiscing. What I am NOT looking forward to is all that delicious Jamaican food my mom will be preparing. Ok, I am looking forward to the food, just not the temptation.

I mean, as a Jamaican I naturally have a love affair with rice! Rice just makes everything better. It is fluffy comfort resting beneath a sheet of gravy, with some sort of meat for a pillow. Yes, you’ve got it right, I can take or leave the meat – rice is my showstopper!

Healthy Rice Recipe

Unfortunately, swimming in a pool of white rice for the next week doesn’t fit in with our current eating plan. While carbohydrates are not totally forbidden, I doubt my husband will allow me to go on that long of a bender, just to hear me complaining afterwards about my setbacks!

Trying A Few Healthy Rice Recipes

I do have a plan, though; I will be using wild rice, brown rice and/or mashed cauliflower to assuage my rice cravings. I definitely don’t enjoy other types of rice as much as white, but thankfully (get it: THANKSgiving? Hehe), I have found some rice recipes out there that I can’t wait to try!

I am hoping to get in on the cooking action with a number of healthy rice recipes and introduce a really tasty holiday rice dish, and some vegetable dishes to the family. My hope is to incorporate these into our meals and not isolate my husband and myself as the ‘dieters’ of the group. Believe me, I have enough hang ups about my weight without drawing any more attention to it.

Can I Incorporate Healthy Rice Recipes In My Mom’s Kitchen?

I figure that prudent planning on my part now will help things flow more naturally later. So, I will be speaking to my mom ahead of time to let her know she will have a guest chef in the kitchen! I’ll also coordinate with her about the needed ingredients for my alternate rice recipes, and ensure that I make choices that will fit well with her menu.

More than anything, I am determined to not excuse the holidays as food-coma time! The things I mentioned in my first sentence are the things that matter most, the food is secondary. There are so many moments in life that slip through our fingers, and the one thing I realize I am NEVER trying to hold on to is the meal I ate!

After the holidays are over, and I get back into my routine, I hope I can look over the time and see progress in my health goals, and not regret. Making easy alternatives during the feasts are a great way to make that more possible.

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Squirrelers November 14, 2012 at 10:41 pm

Ever try wild rice? I’m not sure it’s technically rice, but some consider it to be a healthier alternative.

The holidays tend to get me in terms of work-related celebrations. Cake, sweets, etc all over the place. This year I plan to have willpower and say no.

Mrs. Fat Guy November 16, 2012 at 5:08 pm

Haha, cake is another weakness of mine too that I’ll have to watch out for!

Marie at Family Money Values November 15, 2012 at 11:13 am

I think that relationships are more important the once a year dietary concerns but I admire your dedication to healthy eating.

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