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  1. Jessica @ Budget For Health
    October 8, 2012

    There isn’t any meeting agenda, but the hubs & I usually take a look at the previous month’s spending in our homemade Excel budget sheet and discuss changes that need to be made. We got screwed on our apartment security deposit because hubs never had student loans or a credit card. Therefore we had to pay the maximum deposit of $1,400 that will just hang out until the day we move out of our apartment.

    • Khaleef “Fat Guy” Crumbley
      October 18, 2012

      That is really good (reviewing your spending). My wife and I just made a new commitment to do the same. Before, we were inconsistent with it (my fault). I’ve seen your spreadsheet and I really like it. Right now, we use Excel, Quicken, and Mint.

  2. TB at BlueCollarWorkman
    October 9, 2012

    Well this fricking worked out well. It was a crappy crappy situation and he actually appears to have come out ahead. Rare! Haha, tell him congrats for me. :-)

    • Khaleef “Fat Guy” Crumbley
      October 18, 2012

      Yeah, it definitely turned out better than expected. I’m really happy for him, because he is making some serious sacrifices to turn his finances around and he didn’t need another setback.

  3. Dominique Brown
    October 12, 2012

    As for my family, we are sacrificing our yearly vacation to be able to pay off our home renovations. Instead of going abroad for a vacation, we are just staying at home during the holidays. My wife and I sit down at least twice a year to reassess our financial goals and to make sure that everything is on track. If we see something wrong, we try adjust our investments to make sure that our money goes in the right places. With regards to bad credit, we don’t have any :-)

    • Khaleef “Fat Guy” Crumbley
      October 18, 2012

      I like that. The sacrifice will probably cause you to enjoy both the renovations and your next vacation even more.

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