Love in a Tortilla Shell

by Julie Wilson on November 25, 2012

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Always remember to stop and smell the eggs…I mean the roses.

Sunday mornings are always crazy in our house. I have to get myself ready, along with two babies. Todd has to get himself ready and go pick up the boys from their mom’s house to take them to church. We even have to drive separate vehicles to church just so we can get the things done that we need to. It’s always the day that I can’t find the one piece of clothing that I planned to wear, or I put something on and I hate how it looks.

Sunday mornings are also the one day that I never get breakfast. I don’t have time to make anything and I am often so busy getting ready that I remember to grab a granola bar right as I’m pulling out of the driveway. I can’t go back inside because it will make us late for church. We’re usually running right on time without a second to spare.

A few weeks ago, there was an exception. I actually got to eat breakfast and I didn’t have to make it or rush to eat it.

It was 7:00 am and I had just opened my eyes to the bright sunlight shining through our bedroom window. In walks Todd with a cookie sheet holding plates of food for two. He carries it over to his side of the bed and sits next to me. He hands me my plate and so many thoughts run through my head:


“How many calories is that?”

“A breakfast burrito?!”

“Eggs are ok, but not potatoes and cheese.”

“Maybe I can eat half of it.”

“I’m going to have to cut back on something later today.”

You get the idea. I was overlooking something so important just because I was so worried about my food. I didn’t acknowledge that my husband was being so sweet and sincere. I didn’t think about how generous it was for him to spend his Sunday morning time making me breakfast. He didn’t even drop it off to me; he wanted to sit next to me and enjoy breakfast with me.

Time was of the essence, so I had to come to terms with myself.

“Julie, you are being ridiculous. Your husband is showing you this act of love and you are ruining it because you’re worried about calories. He doesn’t get the chance to do this very often.”

This whole experience reminded me that sometimes you have to enjoy the moment and not the potential consequences. It is important for me to be diligent with my food logging, working out, and making good choices. On the other hand, it is not more important than a genuine act of love. I almost missed out on a huge blessing because I had my priorities out of order.

I ate that breakfast burrito and enjoyed the entire thing. I ate slow and savored each bite thinking about how much love went into this breakfast. Eating more calories than I wanted is not the memory that I have. I remember enjoying a delicious breakfast in bed next to my loving husband, an experience that offered a little peace and relaxation before our chaotic Sunday morning.

We can’t get so focused on ourselves that we dismiss the wonderful blessings that are right in front of us, sometimes in the form of a high calorie breakfast burrito.

photo credit: Swift Benjamin

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